Week of Nails #62

I started off last week with this mani for the band Prozzak who I was going to see in concert- the Nails are better than the concert was 😂 oh well!

Next was a prompt for dry brushing, so I did it with acrylic paints. I love the way this mani turned out.

Next were some cute Easter eggs! Super simple mani!

Finally we’ve got an awesome spring gradient and some cute bunnies! These guys were freehand and turned out adorable!

Hope You Enjoyed! Happy Painting!


Week of Nails #61

This week I tried to get back into the swing of things. I started off with an ‘Asia’ prompt for the #glamnailschallengemarch so I tackled a mountain scene with cherry blossoms. Pretty!

The next was a magic prompt for the #clairestelle8march challenge and I went for the classic rabbit in the hat. The base color was way to dark so it’s kind of a meh design for me.

The last #glamnailschallengemarch prompt was ‘Flying’ and I’ve always wanted to tackle this design. The paper airplane turned out cute! 

I also had a dentist appointment this week so I did this cute little tooth and some clock stamping!

Finally the beginning of April called for a new list of prompts. This one for the #glamnailschallengeapril was pastels, so I did a gradient and some stamping overtop. 

Hope You Enjoyed! Happy Painting!

Week of Nails #60

February always feels so short, because it is, and March always feels crazy long, cuz it is! So at the beginning of the month I took the Jamberry challenge (if you don’t know what Jamberry is, stay tuned for a review) and was blown away by the results! So I didn’t do much nail art for a whole week.
THEN two weeks ago my husband and I made the crazy decision to bring a third cat into our home, and we now have a 7 week old kitten named Oscar, who has been taking up a lot of my time. So I’ve been neglecting you guys and I apologize. I will make it up with kitten photos at the end of the post! 

Here are some designs I did earlier in the month.

About halfway through the month I received some nail mail from Born Pretty and got some new brushes and stamping supplies. It took me a week or so to figure it out but I finally got the hang of stamping and am in love with it. It’ll be great for when I’m not feeling too creative but wanna do cool looking nails in less time. Here are my stamping designs from this past week!

Hope You Enjoyed! Happy Painting!

Now Oscar time 😄

Week of Nails #59

This week ended off February and brought us into March. The last #glamnailschallengefeb prompt was for broken heart so I did these using acrylics.

For the finally #clairestelle8feb prompt was doodles so I doodled it up! 

March! And the beginning of March brought on the two year anniversary of the Glam Nails Challenge on Instagram! These ladies always have such great prompts that give me a lot of inspiration to do art for everyone to see! They are also always so kind in comments and featuring my nails- they’ve helped me grow a lot on Instagram so this was my celebration to them! If you’re ever on Instagram go check them out and all the awesome art they’ve inspired and feature!! 

Personally I had so much fun with these because the index and middle finger I completed on an Instagram live stream. That was so much fun and I will definitely be doing it again in the future! 

Hope You Enjoyed! Happy Painting! 

Week of Nails #58

This week started off with a chocolate prompt and my mind went to cookies. I do love some homemede chocolate chip cookies!!

Next was a prompt for toys and I went all out and did some Toy Story nails. I am super proud of these ones, seeing as they took me about 3 hours! Love them!

Finally was a double challenge. One prompt was Sparkles, and the other romantic. This is what I came up with! 

Hope You Enjoyed! Happy Painting!

Week of Nails #57

I did a lot of Valentine’s Day nails this week because last week was said day. These were a prompt for “kisses” so I did some xoxoxo’s and lips!

This one was either Valentine’s or Anti- Valentine’s so I went anti. These ‘Love Stinks’ nails turned out pretty awesome!


These were supposed to be vintage love letter nails. It’s very smooshy 😆

Finally a pink prompt and I went with the word. Not too fancy, and you can’t really tell the gradient in the picture- oh well!

Hope You Enjoyed! Happy Painting!

Week of Nails #56

For the start of this week the prompt for the #glamnailschallangefeb was red flowers, so I took a stab at the Beauty and the Beast stained glass rose. By far one of my favorite designs ever!

Next for the #clairestelle8feb challenge prompt was Hearts so I did a gradient and some holo hearts.

Another challenge prompt, wedding cake for #glamnailschallengefeb. Simple yet very cute! 

These are Sally Hansen wraps that I thought “hey I’ll just do these quick” and yet they end up taking just as long as some of my freehand designs- Oye!

Finally for my own #movicurechallengefeb prompt, Moonrise Kingdom nails! 

Hope You Enjoyed! Happy Painting!

Week of Nails #55

To start off this week was a really good gradient that I ruined for some reason with holo foil and you can’t even see the holo… what a waste! Hahaha! This was my last submission for the #clairestelle8jan challenge.

Starting February with challenges is the #glamnailschallengefeb with a simple Hearts prompt. I did a tinted pink sparkly polish and then hand painted these hearts with acrylic paint. They turned out really good!

This design was mostly about the gradient which turned out lovely, but then I ruined it with crappy nail vinyls… not that nail vinyls are crappy, just the ones I used. 

This design I did for my own challenge, the #movicurechallengefeb. I’ve actually had one other person participate which is awesome! The first prompt was ‘Groundhog Day’ so I recreated the iconic alarm clock.

Closing off this week is a prompt from #clairestelle8feb with pastels. I tried some stamping with the heart envelopes- it turned out cute!

Hope You Enjoyed! Happy Painting!

Month of Nails 

Oh my! Where have I been? My apologies but I fell off the face of the earth… no no, don’t worry, I’m not a flat earther 😂 With the craziness of Christmas and that lazy after the holidays funk, I didn’t realize how many weeks of nails I’d missed! So to make it up here is a month and a bit of what I’ve been up to! They are in no particular order of when they were done or posted, except most of the 2016 ones are at the bottom and most recent near the top. 

I plan on getting back into the weekly swing of things in February, but thanks to everyone for still checking me out!

Hope You Enjoy! Happy Painting!

Week of Nails #54

I started the week out with some cute Santa nails for the #glamnailschallengedec. These ones turned out cute I think!

Then my index nail broke- I just can’t win with my nails this December. I still did these cool icicle nails for the #clairestelle8christmas prompt, using white acrylic paint and water to dilute it. Love these!

Finally some simple candy cane nails- rocking the stubs, that’s all I can do. Now on to more Christmas gifts!!

Hope You Enjoyed! Happy Painting!